Country Representatives


Country Representatives below are here to help you with exchanging your local currency for Bitcoin.  This enables you to easily get the amount required to join our program and start learning and earning.  For example if you are from Australia, you will be able to send your Country Rep the amount via whichever payment method they accept along with your local currency, you will be able to bank transfer to them if you want as well.  Once the money is cleared, they can pay your way into the system by you providing the Bitcoin wallet address that needs to be paid, they would then make the payment for you on your behalf and your account will become active.  The fee for this exchange will be around 10% as Bitcoin is volatile, we need to accommodate people helping you, by the time they receive the funds, if they wish to purchase the bitcoin back themselves from 3rd party sites, we need to ensure they aren’t losing money by helping.  Our business only offers this as a helping hand, we do not take any portion of this ourselves, this is simply setup to make your experience better and set us apart from the crowd with innovative functions other businesses do not have.

Your country reps are there to guide you with getting bitcoin and any language translation required to your local language, you may still recruit globally as bitcoin can be used anywhere in the world, we save you time by not needing to provide all your details to a 3rd party company and purchase bitcoin from them which can take days or even weeks before your accounts are activated and money is processed.  If you need help please contact a country rep below which is from your country.

If you would like to become a country rep yourself, please contact us via support ticket with your details, we only require 2-3 country reps from each Country, if you see enough people below, please let us know still and if any spot becomes available we will fill those positions.

Country Reps:

Australia Facebook Tim Harch  
Australia Facebook Travis Clifton.D  
USA Facebook Sean Logan  
USA Facebook Matt Webster  
USA Facebook Kyle Kip  
USA Facebook Dawn Cassin  
USA Facebook Jeff Lin  
USA Facebook Jason Armbruster  
South Africa Facebook Donovan Ackerberg  
Uk Facebook  Amin Hoque  
UK + France Facebook Tom Saban  
UK Facebook Jason Newman  
Denmark Facebook Martin Zhao Germer  
Estonia Facebook Martin Rand  
Portugal Facebook Cesar Neves  
Portugal Facebook Luis Gama  
Portugal Facebook Mario Pereira  
Nigeria Facebook Edidem Bassey  
Nigeria Facebook Mohammed Elelu  
Nigeria Facebook Andrew Ameh  
Nigeria Facebook Ebiteh Chuks  
New Zealand Facebook Michael Crawford  
New Zealand Facebook Evelyn Lemalam  
India Facebook Parth Dave  
India Facebook Shebin John  
Pakistan Facebook Kamran Baig  
Pakistan Facebook Haseeb Ahmad  
Palestine Facebook Mohammed Al-Tatari  
Indonesia Facebook Eko Laros