About Us

About Us


Bitcoin Earning School has been created to help with recruiting into online income programs, this will help you no matter what type of online programs you are trying to recruit for.

The education content has been uniquely created for the sole purpose of an easy to learn system and a step by step system, it has been created by the owners of BES along with other high earners in the online world. Mikey Robertson is one of the owners, the other owner is Morris Melara, he is a digital expert who has over 25 years experience in Advertising and the digital field.


Mikey Robertson is an online entrepreneur and business owner who has been successful in the offline and online world which is why BES (Bitcoin Earning School) has been created, from his knowledge over the years from many different fields and experience.  He is a pioneer and has created many new things in many markets which are new and were unseen before. 

Mikey’s entrepreneur journey began at a young age of 13 when he was into all sorts of online gaming. One of the games he played, notably Diablo 2 as he played, he figured out there was a niche for people wanting to purchase items in game, as people wanted the best items for their characters but didn’t have much time or weren’t very good at the game, fortunately he was very good at this game and was able to get the best items easily so he was able to sell in game items for real money, the only platform most people used back then was Paypal.  Many of his friends and family could not believe it, the best/most he managed to make in 1 week was $5000AUD from this game and was able to purchase a new/better computer to make things even easier for himself.  In Australia, this equated to around 12 months of a person of this age working part time (up to 20 hours a week) as if they were to work, they would probably be on around $4-5/hour back then.  He was one of the early adopters to do this and as this became more available to others, the market was quickly flooded, therefore making it not worth the time for the income coming into the future.

Moving onto later teen years he had always had a passion for all things IT related, from a very young boy of around 4-5 he would pull computers apart and reassemble/fix broken ones, he found a traineeship and started working in an IT business which created custom software and all business repairs.  Even while working full-time he would always be thinking of ways to make more income on the side, this came with importing goods from a website called Alibaba.com - this is a very well known website these days but back then not a lot of people knew about it.  Now you will see a lot of e-commerce stores and drop-shipping sites use this company as you can speak directly with the manufacturers, he would import all sorts of goods for car products like gauges/intercoolers/turbo timers etc.. anywhere he could find a niche and make extra income.  This was great to do at lunch time and before/after normal working hours but at the age of 26 would start his own successful IT business. 

Once this business started and more money was being made, again importing goods/selling to make a profit/dealing with customers was becoming flooded and it wasn’t worth the time anymore, the profits were decreasing and the time was either increasing or remaining the same, as you improve your earnings, your time becomes greatly more valuable, while you are working or learning something, you are really just trading your time for money or education, so he knew he needed to be wise with his time.  From here, as he worked mainly from home he found the world of Forex trading (Foreign Exchange) and Network Marketing.  He began trading late 2014 and was a consistent profitable trader by the start of 2016, during this time he would spend at least 2-3 hours+ per day learning the skills to become profitable and consistent along with learning about network marketing as he was into online investment programs also.  During this time he was able to come up with new unique team builds which no one else was doing, building rotator teams which no one else was doing, bringing unique ideas to the table and always 1 step ahead with the innovation.

He quickly became well known in the online industry for all of these great things and was able to get many referrals for any programs he was joining, this is where the creation of BES comes into play, many people do not know where to start, he noticed this niche again and has created a solution for it.  There is no real instruction manual or course to show you network marketing at an affordable cost on the market, especially one which shows you step by step learning from knowing nothing to now being able to talk to people with confidence/step out of your comfort zone and generate those leads.  The content has been created in a way that if you follow it and stick with it, you will be successful, it has all the secrets and tips the professionals use to make large commissions on top of their other earnings.